ARC Almirante Tono Commissions at Jinhae

September 28, 2020 (Google Translation) – The transfer of this unit occurs within the framework of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, in which the Colombian Navy participated with the frigates Almirante Padilla, Captain Tono and Almirante Brion, leaving high the name of Colombia and of the Military Forces.

At the Jinhae Naval Base, Republic of Korea, the transfer ceremony of the Corvette “Almirante Tono” to the Colombian Navy was held, as part of the important relationship of friendship and cooperation that the two nations have had for more six decades.

The Colombian Navy started the project to transfer the Patrol Combat Corvette – PCC 768 type ship from the Republic of Korea, this being the second ship that Korea transfers to the country, after having incorporated the ARC “Nariño” in 2013.

The Corvette will join the Naval Institution under the name of ARC “Almirante Tono”, national hero of the Republic of Colombia, this being the second in command of the squad that triumphed in the Battle of Lake Maracaibo under the command of Admiral José Prudencio Padilla López on July 24, 1823, a victory that was crucial for the independence of our country. This is the third ship baptized with that name in the Colombian Navy, the first to be assigned this important name was the Frigate ARC Capitán Tono, which developed an important participation in the Korean War in 1952, always serving firmly in the sea; The second unit was the ARC Almirante Tono Destroyer (DT-04), transferred by the United States Navy in 1968 and deactivated in Colombia at the end of 1978.

This surface unit will be commanded by the Frigate Captain Nelson Eduardo Hernández Romero, his crew will be committed to defense, sovereignty in the Colombian maritime territory, the preservation of life at sea, executing procedures of assistance and humanitarian support, search and rescue, and all the effort required to ensure adequate use and exploitation of maritime resources and guarantee the lines of maritime communication that are of interest to the Nation.

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