Dutch Coast Guard to Deploy Two New Aircraft in 2022

October 1, 2020 (Google Translation) – Coast Guard Netherlands (KWNL) will have 2 new aircraft from spring 2022. That is contractually agreed today. The Dash-8s are leased from a consortium for 10 years. This consists of the Dutch company JetSupport and the Canadian company Provincial Aerospace. The consortium also supplies the pilots and maintenance personnel.

The air observers will continue to come from Rijkswaterstaat, Customs and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.

The Coast Guard Center in Den Helder is deploying both Dash-8 aircraft. They succeed the 2 Dornier 228 aircraft, which are nearing the end of their economic life. They are now under maintenance by JetSupport.

The Dash-8 is in many ways an upgrade over the Dornier-228. The aircraft can fly for more than 6 hours, considerably more than the Dornier. The Dash-8 also has a surface radar. This makes it easier to get a quick overview of shipping day and night, but also to observe things at sea from a distance. In addition, the Dash-8 has modern equipment on board. Think of a range of communication tools, but also equipment to detect environmental pollution and to trace drowning people.

On behalf of Defense, Director of Defense Materiel Organization Vice-Admiral Arie Jan de Waard signed the signature. “With the Dash-8 planes, the Coast Guard has planes that are on standby in all conditions all year round,” he said. “This makes the coast guard ready for all tasks. Think of saving lives at sea, checking ships and tracing people who do not comply with the laws concerning the environment, the economy and fisheries. ”

The Dash-8s will be prepared in Canada in the coming period. Both aircraft are being converted into maritime patrol aircraft at the Provincial Aerospace base. They will come to the Netherlands in early 2022.

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