Third Drug Bust This Month for HNLMS Groningen

September 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – HNLMS Groningen has intercepted a drug shipment in the Caribbean for the third time this month. The day before yesterday, the patrol ship managed to stop a sailing boat with 80 kilos of cocaine on board with the Caribbean Coast Guard.

The counter for Groningen thus stands at 1 ton of drugs intercepted in September. Previously, 455 and 465 kilos of cocaine respectively were removed from 2 boats.

The Groningen and the coast guard spotted a suspicious go-fast on the radar the day before yesterday in the early morning. They then saw that the speedboat came to a stop next to a sailing boat, which was near the Groningen. The go-fast returned south shortly afterwards.

Two FRISCs (high-speed interception boats) from the Groningen approached the sailing boat for a check. After consultation with the coast guard, it was handed over to a Metal Shark of the team. This patrol boat towed the vessel to Curaçao.

During an extensive check in the port of Willemstad, 3 bales of drugs were found, good for 80 kilos. The only person on board, a British man, has been arrested. Both the drugs and the man have been turned over to the police.

HNLMS Groningen has been active as a station ship in the Caribbean since the beginning of July. The ship is used for counter-drug operations and humanitarian aid, among other things.

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