ARC Gloria on Cadet Training Cruise to the Colombian Pacific

September 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the ARC “Gloria” training ship is the only training ship in Latin America that has sailed throughout the year.

Today, the waters of the dock of the ARC “Bolívar” Naval Base was the natural setting that adorned the departure of the ARC Gloria School ship from Cartagena to a new training cruise of 76 Cadets, including 7 women, in compliance with the biosecurity protocols established by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The departure ceremony was presided over by Rear Admiral Juan Ricardo Rozo Obregón Commander of the Caribbean Naval Force, in the company of military authorities from the garrison, in which the group of students made up of Regular Naval Cadets from contingent 151 and 155 and Cadets of Marine Infantry of the 110 contingent, will put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classrooms in areas such as sailing, basic and advanced meteorology, damage control, international regulations for the prevention of collisions and leadership talks by the Commander of the Unit.

On this occasion, the ship will begin its transit crossing the Panama Canal, then it will visit the fauna and flora sanctuary of Malpelo Island, the Gorgona Natural Park, it will make a brief transit through Ecuador and finally it will head towards the port from Bahía Málaga – Valle del Cauca. Upon returning, they will pass through Coveñas – Sucre and arrive again on October 30 in the city of Cartagena, after spending 42 days of navigation.

The ARC Gloria School ship in total will sail 2000 nautical miles, all this seeking to strengthen the seafaring spirit of the Cadets and strengthening their training in the work of the sailor of the Colombian Navy. Likewise, on board the unit is an Officer representing the National Army, the Colombian Air Force and the National Police who will deepen their knowledge acquired in sailing.

The Colombian Navy reaffirms its commitment to comprehensive education and training of students in its training schools, allowing them to enhance their knowledge, capabilities and abilities to protect the blue of the flag.

This cruise will reaffirm and strengthen the vocation for the sea of ​​the students and will straddle the Colombian territorial sea, guaranteeing the sovereignty and integrity of the Colombian territory.

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