Taiwan Holds Han Kuang Exercise 36 Computer War Game

September 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Ministry of National Defense stated today (21) that the “Han Kuang Exercise No. 36 Computer War Game Game” has been executed last week. The latest regional situation and new enemy threats have been incorporated into the exercise process, and the needs of Taiwan and Penghu defense operations will be the main training axis. Offensive and defensive, in response to the severity of the current situation, the results of the exercise fully achieve the training objectives and the key verification results obtained. Regarding media reports about “self-defense counterattack rights, insufficient precision ammunition, and the outcome of the Hanguang exercise”, this department clarifies the following:

1. In the face of frequent harassment and threats from enemy navy, air, and aircraft, the Chinese military has guided by “not raising conflicts or causing incidents”, upholding “not provoking, not cowardly with the enemy” and “the closer we are to the island, the more active we will be dealt with. The principle is to clearly define the “right to self-defense and counterattack” the first strike, and to re-define the “rules for handling emergencies” of the navy and air forces. Since implementation, all naval and air forces have been able to respond appropriately.

2. The various types of precision ammunition currently available in the national army are prepared in accordance with the army’s conception and troop reconstruction plan. At this stage, it can meet the needs of defense operations, and there is no problem of insufficient ammunition reported. However, the Communist Army has been actively developing its armaments recently, and its anti-Taiwan warfare continues to grow. In response to new situations and new threats, the National Army has set the most severe combat scenario (saturated attack) through this Hanguang computer war game and re-examined the defense operations. Strategic and tactical requirements are focused on how to quickly increase combat power and strengthen various ammunition for air and sea control to cope with new threats from the enemy.

3. The report about the “computer war chess deduction over the years, the blue army won or lost” is not true. The purpose of the computer wargame is to use the JTLS system, based on the Chief’s “Joint Operations Requirements”, to verify combat issues item by item, identify and solve problems in the most severe and unfavorable battlefield environment. There is absolutely no question of winning or losing.

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