Project 21631 Graivoron Begins Sea Trials

September 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crew of the newest small missile ship (MRK) “Graivoron” of the Buyan-M project, built for the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet), makes the first exit to the sea to undergo factory sea trials (ZHI).

In the course of the implementation of the ZHI plan, the operation of power plants, steering gear, auxiliary mechanisms, communications, navigation and other systems of ship equipment, as well as the seaworthiness of the ship, is checked on the ship.

ZHI are carried out by the full-time crew together with the factory commissioning team in order to check the main parameters of the ship, all ship devices, mechanisms and equipment for compliance with the technical specifications and are one of the important stages before the ship is accepted into the Navy.

After the completion of the sea trials, the shipbuilders, together with the crew, will revise the ship’s systems, devices and mechanisms and continue to prepare it for the next stage of the State Test Plan.

Earlier MRK “Grayvoron” underwent primary electromagnetic treatment, during which the magnetization of the ship’s hull was reduced by using a stand without winding demagnetization.

MRK “Graivoron” is a multipurpose ship equipped with modern artillery, missile, anti-sabotage, anti-aircraft and radio-technical weapons.

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