L’Aigle Countermining Operations North of Cherbourg 

September 18, 2020 (Google Translation) – The tripartite mine hunter (CMT) L ‘ Aigle has been deployed in the north of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin since September 12, 2020.

The building intervenes within the framework of the security of the metropolitan maritime approaches, and in particular of the surveillance of the accesses of the main commercial ports, in order to permanently guarantee the free movement of maritime traffic.

On September 12, the mine hunter discovered and countered 3 Mark VIII type mines for a TNT equivalent of 140 kg each, off Cherbourg.

The next day, three other mines including 2 Mark VIII for a TNT equivalent of 140 kg each and a Mark IX for a TNT equivalent of 715 kg, were discovered and countermined off Cherbourg.

The particularly light traffic in the area and the favorable weather conditions made it possible to proceed with the firecracker in optimal conditions.

In total, these operations will have enabled 5 Mark VIII and 1 Mark IX to be neutralized for a total TNT equivalent of 1,415 kg.

The French Navy acts daily to secure the French coast and the seabed. All of its mine action resources (dedicated buildings such as tripartite mine hunters and groups of mine clearance divers) regularly carry out operations aimed at detecting, neutralizing or destroying unexploded ordnance at sea or on French beaches.

In the Channel and the North Sea in 2019, the joint action of the group of mine clearance divers from the Channel and the mine hunters of the French Navy made it possible to destroy 1786 historic devices (at sea and on the foreshore), which resulted in represented 19 tons (19,100 kg) of TNT equivalent.

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