PIAS Lake Titicaca Begins Social Action Campaign 2020

September 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Itinerant Platform of Social Action PIAS “Lake Titicaca I” begins, today Saturday, September 12, 2020, its 1st. Social Action Campaign, with the objective of bringing State services closer to communities in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty located on the islands and riparian areas of Lake Titicaca.

The 1st. Social Action Campaign, will include 13 service points located in the provinces of: Puno, Moho, Yunguyo; the districts of: Huata, Amantaní, Capachica, Moho, Conima, Anapia, Unicachi and Tinicachi and 53 population centers.

It should be noted that the PIAS are managed by the Peruvian Navy and by the National PAIS Program of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, which will carry the services of: Medicine, Nursing, Obstetrics, Laboratory and Pharmacy, Banco de la Nación , Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion.

In this campaign, there will be the participation of 16 crew members of the Peruvian Navy, 10 State officials from the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, Health, Culture and Banco de la Nación.

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