Second Drug Bust in Three Days for HNLMS Groningen

September 15, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Dutch warship Groningen has intercepted a drug transport for the 2nd time in 3 days. In the Caribbean Sea, the patrol ship was able to force a so-called go-fast to stop last Friday. He had an estimated 465 kilos of cocaine on board.

Last week, the crew already intercepted 455 kilos of cocaine. A monkey was also found on board the boat. Wild animals were out of the question this time.

The transport was discovered by the Dash-8. That’s 1 of the Coast Guard maritime patrol aircraft in the Caribbean. This warned the Groningen, which then deployed 2 FRISCs.

A combined team of the Marine Corps and the US Coast Guard was on board these fast interceptors. They managed to arrest the 3 crew members of the go-fast and confiscate the drugs.

The suspects and the drug batch were then handed over to the US Coast Guard. The trio is being prosecuted in the United States.

HNLMS Groningen has been sailing as a station ship in the Caribbean since June 2020. The ship is used for counter-drug operations and supports the coast guard.

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