L’Astrolabe Patrols Mozambique Channel

September 11, 2020 (Google Translation) – Departing on August 4, 2020 from Port-des-Galets in Reunion, the polar patrol boat L’Astrolabe has returned to Reunion since August 28. During the month of August, he carried out a surveillance mission in the southern zone of the Indian Ocean centered on patrolling the Malagasy and French economic zone.

Reinforced by 10 sailors constituting the “complement of sovereignty” – a reinforcement allowing the effective conduct of all the missions devolved on the vessel during the general missions of sovereignty (MGS) during the southern winter (March to October) – the crew de L’Astrolabe thus carried out a surveillance patrol of illegal fishing and trafficking in the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of Madagascar, under bilateral agreements, and the Scattered Islands (Europa, Glorieuses, Juan de Nova).

As the crew has been replaced by more than 50%, this deployment has also made it possible to train new embarked persons and to carry out numerous exercises allowing them to implement the installations and techniques specific to this unique vessel.

These scenarios allow sailors to be prepared for a range of events or incidents likely to occur, from working with a helicopter to visiting a ship or evacuating the building. Several exercises specific to work in the polar zone were also carried out in preparation for a logistics support mission in Antarctica scheduled from January to March.

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