Norwegian Coast Guard Unveils Two New Ships

September 14, 2020 (Google Translation) – In the new year, the Coast Guard took over responsibility for the state tugboat contingency and was given the vessels KV Jarl and KV Bison». Now they are shown to the public for the first time.

KV Jarl and KV Bison became part of the Coast Guard’s structure around the new year in 2020, and have since been through training. Since the beginning of March, the vessels have operated as ordinary coastguard vessels.

The Coast Guard is present in Norwegian waters every day, all year round. The addition of KV Jarl and KV Bison, as well as the responsibility for tugboat preparedness, increases the Coast Guard’s presence, preparedness and operational accessibility for everyone who travels by sea in Norwegian waters, says head of the Coast Guard, flag commander Oliver Berdal.

KV Jarl and KV Bison will, as the latest addition, go into the state tugboat contingency, together with KV Harstad and the three vessels in the Barents Sea class. The vessels will also conduct regular coastguard operations.

The Coast Guard vessels shall contribute to preventing or reducing the risk of acute pollution by towing and provide other assistance to vessels. Towing contingency ensures safety and accessibility at sea.

The Coast Guard’s six vessels that are part of the state towing contingency meet the requirements to be able to tow a minimum of 100 tonnes of  bollard pull.

Facts KV Jarl and KV Bison

  • Length: 91 meters
  • Width: 22 meters
  • Maximum draft: 7.5 meters
  • Crew: 39 beds on board. The crew today consists of both civilian and military personnel. During a two-year period, the crew will be military, consisting of 12 officers 10 conscripts.
  • 267 tons of bollard pull.
  • Previously been in offshore operations, but are now adapted to coastguard purposes. The vessels are leased from the company BOA Offshore, initially for a five-year period, with the possibility of a further option on the vessels.

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