KDX-1 Destroyer Yangmanchun Completes Modernization

September 9, 2020 (Google Translation) – On September 9 (Wed.), the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (Wed.), improved the performance of the Korean destroyer “Yangmanchun” at the Jinhae Naval Base in Gyeongnam and delivered it to the Navy.

The 「Korean Destroyer (KDX-I) Performance Improvement Project」 has been deployed in battle since 1998, and has been performing a core role by commanding the sea fleet. It has been equipped with old combat systems and sensors since September 2016. It is the first performance improvement project for the improved navy surface ship.

As the first performance improvement, Yang Manchun successfully completed the recent test and evaluation and was reborn as a trap equipped with cutting-edge brains and sensors.

The improved Korean destroyer (KDX-I) replaces the combat system corresponding to the human brain with equipment developed with pure domestic technology to increase target management capability by more than 3 times and information processing speed by more than 100 times to command combat. The capacity has been greatly improved, and according to localization, maintenance time and cost can be reduced.

In addition, by replacing the Towed Array Sonar System with equipment in operation on the latest frigates, underwater target detection and tracking performance is improved, which is expected to contribute to the improvement of the Navy’s ability to perform anti-submarine operations in the future.

The head of the battleship division of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (Navy Commodore Jeong Sam) said, “The success of the’KDX-I performance improvement project’, which is the Navy’s first surface ship performance improvement project, and the successful localization of the destroyer-class combat system further develops the ability to improve the performance of ship-mounted equipment. It contributes greatly to strengthening the military power and capacity of the domestic defense industry,” he said, and said, “We will carry out the planned performance improvement projects without any problems.”

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration plans to improve the performance of the KDX-I class destroyers, the Gwanggaeto Great Ship and the Eulji Mundeok Ship, and deliver them to the Navy by 2021.

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