HNLMS Groningen Intercepts 455 Kilos of Cocaine and a Monkey

September 10, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Dutch naval vessel Groningen intercepted 455 kilos of cocaine the day before yesterday. That happened west of Aruba. There the station ship forced a so-called go-fast to stop.

A Coast Guard Dash-8 maritime patrol plane discovered the speedboat on a well-known smuggling route in the Caribbean. Subsequently, the Groningen was called in, which sent both her fast boats on it. Drug transport has stopped with these so-called FRISCs. Besides the 3 people on board, the drugs and 2 firearms, there appeared to be a small monkey on board.

Because the go-fast started to make water, it was decided to take the suspects on board for security reasons. They, like the weapons and cocaine, have since been handed over to the US coastguard ship Isaac Mayo.

The monkey is housed in a center for exotic animals in Aruba. The animal is doing well under the circumstances.

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