Retirement Ceremony for French Navy Lynx

September 8, 2020 (Google Translation) – After more than 40 years of good and loyal service in the French Navy, the Lynx anti-submarine warfare helicopter is retiring. It was during a ceremony organized on September 4 at the Lanvéoc-Poulmic naval air base that the 34F pennant was handed over to the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Pierre Vandier, thus symbolizing its sleep.


“The Lynx helicopter was used enormously, it was a very beautiful aircraft, very powerful, a remarkable combat tool” admits Admiral Vandier. Armed arm of the F67 and F70 anti-submarine frigates, this aircraft has indeed fulfilled the missions entrusted to it in all the seas of the globe.

After the withdrawal of the Lynx and in anticipation of that of the Alouette III , the French Navy sought innovative solutions to make up for its temporary reduction in capacity, pending the arrival of the Helicopter Light Joint (HIL) Cheetah at the end. of the decade. It therefore resorts to the rental of aircraft. This “interim fleet” is made up of 12 Dauphins and 4 H160s .

The 34F will therefore be reactivated in 2021: indeed the ESHE / 22S squadron will become the 34F / ESHE flotilla upon receipt of the first Dauphins of the interim fleet who will arm the overseas frigates and certain maritime rescue plots. Finally in 2022, the 32F will in turn be reactivated to accommodate the 4 H160s of the interim fleet (3 at Lanvéoc-Poulmic and 1 on secondment at Cherbourg).

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