Russian-Indian Exercise “Indra Navi-2020” Ends in the Bay of Bengal

September 6, 2020 (Google Translation) – In the Bay of Bengal, the bilateral Russian-Indian naval exercise “Indra-Navi-2020”, which started on September 4, ended.

Due to the restrictive measures associated with the coronavirus pandemic, it was conducted in a contactless format, without the exchange of liaison officers.

In the course of joint practical actions, the sailors of Russia and India worked out tactical maneuvering, organization of communications, performed about 10 combat exercises, including a complex of artillery firing at sea and air targets, and used anti-submarine weapons. Deck-based helicopters were actively used in the exercise.

In the waters of the Bay of Bengal, a farewell ceremony was held for the detachments of ships – participants in the international naval exercise “Indra Navi – 2020”. Russian BOD Admiral Tributs and Admiral Vinogradov, large sea tanker Boris Butoma, Indian destroyer Ranvijay, tanker Shakti went on a collision course in wake formation, their crews greeted each other and thanked for their joint work.

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