Book Review: Italian Naval Camouflage of World War II

By Marco Ghiglino
Seaforth Publishing
Pages: 240
Illustrations: 750
ISBN: 9781526735393
Published: 25th July 2018

This is a major new study of Italian naval camouflage schemes developed and used during World War Two. When Italy entered the War in June 1940, the Regia Marina (Italian Navy) was a force still under development and both Italian warships and merchant ships faced the War in their peace colors; and nor had any pre-war plans been made for camouflaging ships.

Th amount of work put into this book by the author truly boggles the mind. With must have been several years of research has translated into an amazing book with graphics and photographs of camouflage patterns employed by Italian surface ships in the Second World War. It includes ships after the Armistice in 1943 that went to fight for the Allied cause or went into German service.

This book is a must for modelers and naval history readers. Words cannot be found to express my awe of the author’s efforts in producing this book.

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