Project 22160 Pavel Derzhavin Conducts Weapons Trials in the Black Sea

August 31, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crew of the newest project 22160 patrol ship “Pavel Derzhavin”, built for the Black Sea Fleet (BSF), conducted the first artillery fire in the Black Sea.

The event was held at the maritime combat training range as part of the ship’s state tests.

During the 3rd exit of the ship to sea, the crew fired from the AU AK-176 artillery mount, large-caliber naval machine guns and DP-65 anti-sabotage grenade launcher systems.

Also, the personnel checked the performance of the PK-10 near-range jamming complex, the projectiles of which are designed to form false targets to protect the ship from enemy guided weapons with radar or optical guidance systems.

State and factory tests of the Pavel Derzhavin spacecraft are taking place in the military harbor of the Novorossiysk Naval Base (NVMB) of the Black Sea Fleet and directly in the Black Sea.

Earlier, during the tests, the ship’s crew, together with the factory commissioning team, mastered the features of operation, maintenance and practical application of on-board systems, devices and mechanisms.

After the completion of all tests, Pavel Derzhavin will enter the Black Sea Fleet with a permanent base in Novorossiysk.

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