Patrol boat “Sibbald” celebrates 24 years of service in the extreme south

September 4, 2020 (Google Translation) – During this time, the Chilean Navy Unit has traveled more than 412 thousand nautical miles, which is equivalent to 19 times around the globe.

The General Service Patrol Boat (PSG-78) “Piloto George Sibbald” was the sixth Unit of the “Taitao” project, officially delivered to the Chilean Navy on September 4, 1996 at the ASMAR Talcahuano Shipyards. He was assigned to the Third Naval Zone, operating from Puerto Williams, in the Beagle Naval District, since January 21, 2004.

The PSG-78 “Sibbald” has a series of aspects designed to create a vessel with the capacity to operate in the waters of the territorial sea, carry out Maritime Police tasks, Supervision of Fishing Activities, Safeguard human life at sea and, subsidiarily , Control and Combat hydrocarbon spills.

With a length of 42.5 meters and a beam of 8.5 meters, it has a displacement capacity of 510 tons, reaching 15 knots of speed, traveling in its 24 years of service more than 412 thousand nautical miles, which is equivalent to 19 times around the globe.

The Unit performs different tasks in the Jurisdictional area of ​​the Third Naval Zone, among them the maintenance of Maritime Signaling, connectivity and supply to the Mayor’s Offices of the Sea, Search and Rescue operations, complying with the different Mission Areas that the Navy develops throughout the national territory.

The Captain of the Frigate Rodrigo Solorza, Commander of the “Sibbald”, commented that “in full navigation we celebrate this anniversary and we will continue to fulfill our duty, carrying out maintenance of Maritime Signaling in the area of ​​the Beagle Naval District. As Commander it has been a privilege to be able to serve in this Unit during this year, being very important to recognize the commitment of our staff, which stands out for their professionalism, sacrifice, being important to recognize their families, who are the fundamental pillar to be able to carry out the tasks that the Institution has entrusted to us ”.

The ship is the third to bear the name of the brave English sailor George Sibbald, who, becoming a Chilean national in 1875, joined the Institution as a signal master. At the service of the Chilean Navy, Sibbald had an outstanding job as an instructor in the area of ​​signals and later in the area of ​​artillery. He participated in the War of the Pacific and in the Naval Battle of Angamos.

In recognition of his merits and distinguished services in the Pacific War and in the field of instruction, the command invests Sergeant George Sibbald with the rank of Third Pilot in 1887, dying in active service in 1902 with the rank Pilot First.

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