Future HMAS Supply Departs Spain for Australia (Video)

September 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – Navantia celebrated today, as a work act, the farewell to AAOR “Supply”, which left this morning from Pier 9 of the Ferrol shipyard, to Australia, where it is expected to arrive after approximately 35 days of navigation.

In an act limited by the circumstances of Covid 19, Navantia has fired the “Supply”, the first of the two AOR vessels that it builds for the Royal Australian Navy, according to the contract signed in May 2016 with the Commonwealth of Australia.

This contract is assuming 1.5 million hours of work per vessel, as well as 35,000 hours derived from the manufacture and supply of the main engines, diesel generators and reducers, and another 35,000 derived from the Integrated Platform Control System, which is generating annually until the end of the program about 1,800 direct and indirect employees, of which more than 330 would be direct employees, more than 530 employees from the auxiliary industry and more than 900 would be indirect employees generated by other suppliers.

In addition, it includes support for the life cycle of the two AOR vessels for a period of 5 years, and an important participation of the Australian industry that will be responsible for the installation and testing of elements of the combat and communications systems, as well as for some logistics areas. In fact, the ship will arrive at the naval base that the Navy has in Garden Island, near the city of Perth in the state of Western Australia, where it will be completed for its final delivery to the Royal Australian Navy next December.

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