No system defects reported aboard BRP Jose Rizal during RIMPAC

August 31, 2020 – BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150), the first missile-frigate of the Philippine Navy (PN), did not encounter any derangement of its various systems during the two-week “Rim of the Pacific” (RIMPAC) naval exercises held off the waters of Hawaii.

“No reported safety and security incidents. No weapons, communications, electronic(s) and info sys(tem) hull, machinery, and electrical sys(tem) derangements (were) reported,” PN chief Vice Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo said on Monday when asked for updates on the RIMPAC participation of the BRP Jose Rizal.

Bacordo said the ship and her crew on Monday (Hawaii time) has just completed their participation in the so-called “War at Sea Exercise” (WASEX) and will be entering Jose Base Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Sept. 1.

This year’s RIMPAC exercises were held from Aug. 17-31 with WASEX phase serving as BRP Jose Rizal’s last serial for the biennial naval exercise.

“FF-150 completing all given serials of the exercise demonstrates her capability to handle various operational requirements,” Bacordo added.

During the naval games, Bacordo said BRP Jose Rizal did not fire any missiles because the PN did not participate in the Sinking Exercise (SINKEX).

“FF-150 was refueling at Joint Base Pearl Harbor at this time,” he said.

Bacordo said BRP Jose Rizal’s participation in RIMPAC 2020 highlights the competence and capability of the ship and its crew to undertake various maritime operational scenarios, may it be multi-national operations with other partner nations, maritime security of commercial shipping, or operating on its own or with its onboard helicopter against surface and sub-surface adversaries.

The ship is the first PN vessel capable of conducting anti-air warfare, anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, and electronic warfare operations.

“FF-150 took advantage of RIMPAC 2020 to train as a team, put the ship at pace with possible real-world scenarios, and the crew to gel during this time,” he said.

Bacordo said the ship’s participation was also recognized by its US counterparts, specifically US Navy Third Fleet commander, Vice Admiral Scott D. Conn, who earlier said they are happy to have the Philippines participating in RIMPAC with BRP Jose Rizal.

The ship left Subic Bay, Zambales on July 29, made a fueling stop on Guam on Aug 2, arrived in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Aug. 15 in time for the RIMPAC exercises.

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