BSAM Rhône participates in Argus 2020

August 28, 2020 (Google Translation) – From August 17 to 21, the Rhône Metropolitan Support and Assistance Building (BSAM) took part in the third edition of the Argus 2020 sea ​​search and rescue exercise . On the west coast of Greenland, this exercise brought together six surface ships and aircraft from Denmark, Greenland, the United States and France, under the leadership of the Danish Joint Arctic Command (JRC).

For its first participation in Argus , the BSAM Rhône confirmed the French capabilities to lead sea rescue missions in this particularly demanding area. This particular know-how is of crucial importance in a context where global warming in the “Far North” has allowed commercial traffic and cruising to develop, increasing the risk of maritime accidents. The Rhône also took this opportunity to strengthen the links forged several years with France’s partners in the Arctic.

After a week of training in navigation at high latitudes, the Rhône crew fully integrated into the Argus system by demonstrating their know-how during towing, the use of anti-pollution equipment and assistance at sea. The various scenarios for searching for and assisting ships and people in distress were very realistic because they were inspired by accidents or real incidents.

The conduct of these operations in the Arctic illustrates the will of the French Navy to continue to develop its knowledge of this particular environment but also the ability of BSAMs, innovative and very versatile vessels, to be deployed far and for a long time in an environment with particularly environmental conditions. rigorous.

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