Three Baltic Fleet Ships Complete Training

March 4, 2020 (Google Translation) – In accordance with the plan of combat training of the Baltic Fleet in the ranges located in the Baltic Sea, large landing ships (BDKs) “Kaliningrad”, “Minsk” and the “Boyky” corvette successfully carried out artillery fire on targets simulating enemy warships and air attack weapons .

As part of the entry to the sea, the BDK crews worked out the elements of battle to repel attacks of small targets and air defense. Corvette also fired at coastal, naval targets and repelled an air raid of a conditional enemy. Shooting was carried out from 100- and 57-millimeter artillery mounts, the Grad-M multiple launch rocket system and small barreled artillery.

During the exercises in the Baltic Sea, the crews of the ships also worked out the episode of replenishing water, fuel and transferring various cargoes from the board of the multi-purpose support vessel Alexander Grebenshchikov.

In addition, exercises were conducted with the crews of the Kaliningrad, Minsk and Boyky corvettes to combat the survivability of ships on the move, radiation, chemical and biological protection at sea, and elements of anti-sabotage defense in an unprotected raid were worked out.

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