Taiwanese Navy Denies Press Complaints on Coastal Defense Harpoon

August 29, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to the media report that “Taiwan’s purchase of shore-mounted harpoon attack missiles from the United States increased to NT$80 billion”, the Naval Command stated today (29) that the report does not match the facts. This section explains as follows:

1. In response to the increasing threats of the enemy situation, based on the military strategy of “defense, heavy deterrence” and the overall defense concept of “combat defense, coastal victory, beachside annihilation”, through simulation of actual combat scenarios and model simulation analysis, Decision-making reference for army building.

2. Shore-mounted Harpoon missiles are capable of maneuvering, active reconnaissance, and long-range strikes. They are the key asymmetric combat power for defense operations.

3. The model simulation scenario design of this case is to refer to the “U.S. Army Tactical Manual” to wipe out 70% of the enemy’s landing fleet, preventing the enemy from effectively performing landing operations, and to determine the overall combat requirements; reconsidering the trend of enemy threats and national defense Self-produced energy and national financial situation, put forward general procurement requirements to the United States, including weapons and equipment specifications, item quantities and procurement methods.

4. The acquisition of various weapons and equipment of the national army, including items and quantities, are based on the threat of the enemy, military strategy, overall defense concept, and the needs of the three-service joint operations, professional and prudential assessment and planning; the report is inconsistent with the facts, and it is hereby clarified Description.

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