RFS Zeleny Dol Fires a Kalibr Missile

August 29, 2020 (Google Translation) – As part of the planned combat training of the Baltic Fleet forces, the Green Dol small missile ship (MRK) in the White Sea successfully fired a cruise missile of the Kalibr sea-based complex at a coastal target at the Chizha training ground.

The rocket fire was preceded by a difficult inter-fleet passage across the Baltic Sea to the Gulf of Finland, then along inland waterways through the Neva, Lake Ladoga and the White Sea-Baltic Canal to the White Sea. While in the Northern Fleet MRK “Zeleny Dol” made calls to Severodvinsk and Severomorsk. In total, the ship’s crew covered more than 3300 nautical miles.

To accomplish the task, the ship’s crew made an exit to the sea ranges of the Northern Fleet, where they fired a sea-based cruise missile “Caliber” at the coastal target located at the Chizha training ground. According to the results of objective control means, a high-precision cruise missile successfully hit a coastal target.

In the near future, the small missile ship will make the same route to the place of permanent deployment at the Baltic naval base in the city of Baltiysk.

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