Wreck of Dutch NH90 Located

August 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – The NH90 helicopter, which was dumped into the sea in the Caribbean on July 19, will be salvaged. The Ministry of Defense has decided this after it has first been investigated whether it would be possible to bring the aircraft to the surface. This is expected to start next week.

It concerns the salvage of 2 parts: the tailpiece and the fuselage of the aircraft. A public-private partnership, the Maritime Capacity Alliance, and Defense will perform the job jointly.

The necessary equipment arrived in Curaçao tonight by Antonov transport aircraft. A salvage vessel will also follow to the salvage location.

As soon as the maritime combat helicopter has been removed from the seabed, both parts will be handed over to the Defense Security Inspectorate. He is investigating the circumstances of the accident in which 2 crew members were killed.

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