KRI Yos Sudarso Conducts Weapons Training for Officer Trainees

August 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – KRI Yos Sudarso-353 who was commanded by Marine Colonel (P) Rizky Prayudi from the ranks of the Eskorta Ship Unit (Satkor) Koarmada II carried out a firing test in Karimun Jawa Waters, on Tuesday (18/08).

During the implementation of this activity, the KRI carried out a 76 cannon firing exercise totaling 40 rounds of ammunition targeting Bald Island.

In this shooting exercise, KRI Yos also brought along 32 young Koarmada II officers who graduated from AAL XV who were carrying out OJT at Kolat Koarmada II.

According to Lt. Col. Rizky, the close greeting of KRI Commander Yos. “The shooting exercise this time apart from testing the readiness of material and weaponry as well as to carry out the practice for teenage officers who carry out on the job training, we are preparing so that the Paja not only have heard but are also able and understand by giving them confidence to shoot,” he said. Rizky was interrupted by training activities.

“This exercise is in line with Pangkoarmada II TNI Admiral Heru Kusmanto’s appeal to all Soldiers to train and train frequently, in order to improve the soldiers’ abilities to become tough, reliable and professional soldiers,” concluded Lieutenant Colonel Rizky.

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