FS Loire Busy in the Mediterranean

August 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – Engaged since August 11, 2020 in a mission to monitor metropolitan maritime approaches on the Mediterranean coast, the Loire metropolitan support and assistance building (BSAM) led on August 17 and 18, in relation with the maritime prefecture of the Mediterranean and CROSS MED (*), several actions of assistance at sea to boaters in difficulty.

BSAM Loire first intervened on August 17 on the orders of the Maritime Prefecture following the sinking of a speedboat in the Calanques National Park, in order to locate the wreck, ensure its condition and note any pollution. possible. After repositioning carried out with the help of the Bec de l’Aigle semaphore and boaters in the area, the speedboat, found half-submerged, was towed by the fast Loire boat and anchored in the shelter of the coast so that it no longer constitutes a danger for navigation and the environment of this natural area, between Marseille and Cassis .

On August 18, while the Loire was on its way south of Cape Cépet, the Legend Onesis sailboat , with three people on board, reported to CROSS MED following an out of control waterway. The Loire , located only 1.5 nautical miles from the sailboat, then intervenes quickly to provide assistance to boaters in distress. Sending a team of technicians aboard the boat makes it possible to plug the waterway. Escorted to the port of Saint-Mandrier by the Loire , then by a SNSM 155 boat, the sailboat was able to reach its destination without incident.

Later, the same day, the vessel then located off the Ile du Levant was contacted by a second sailboat rendered non-maneuvering due to a damaged helm. The Loire then set sail for the drifting Magic Boat with 7 people on board to provide assistance. Despite degraded sea conditions, the ship’s engineer sent on board the sailboat succeeded in establishing an emergency bar, allowing the sailboat to resume its journey and reach the nearest port in safety.

Following these assistance actions at sea, the BSAM Loire resumed its journey towards Corsica in order to continue its mission of monitoring maritime approaches to the national territory.


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