Naval Group Teams with Kership on Minehunter Deck Equipment

July 31, 2020 (Google Translation) –

Brusselle Carral, a Belgian company based in Zeebruges, has been selected on July 28th 2020 as supplier of deck equipment for the mine hunters built by Kership for Belgium Naval & Robotics (Naval Group / ECA Group consortium) for the Belgian and Dutch Navies.

Brusselle Carral is based in Zeebruges, Flanders and its activities focus on engineering and producing winches and steering gears. They have been selected in the frame of the naval mine countermeasures capability replacement, a programme led by Belgium Naval & Robotics – Naval Group and ECA Group consortium – which provides for the supply of twelve mine hunters equipped with drone systems (Toolbox) to the Belgian and Royal Netherlands navies. They will be responsible of the design, construction and delivery of the electric driven constant tensioning anchor and mooring winches, for the 12 mine hunters.

Noel Deputter said at this occasion: “This is a strategic reference for us to be part of this major programme for the Belgian and Dutch navies. Our cooperation with BNR will bring out the best of our technical expertise. We are very much looking forward to this new partnership.”

Michel Le Bouedec declared: “I am fully confident that this partnership will be fruitful for the mine hunters programme. We will soon be starting working with Brusselle Carral. We are much satisfied that the programme moves forward, moreover associating a Belgian partner to the project.”

Long-term strategic presence in Belgium

Indeed this partnership with a Belgian company is important as part of Belgium Naval and Robotics’ industrial cooperation plan, which aims at setting up a long-term presence in Belgium in key strategic domains through a series of measures satisfying Belgium’s Essential Security Interests. As part of those measures, a significant part of the MCM programme is to be carried out in Belgium.

The first delivery is scheduled in 2024

The contract for twelve mine hunters for the Belgian and Dutch navies has been notified in 2019 and will span over ten years. After a design period of three years, Belgium Naval & Robotics (Naval Group / ECA Group consortium) will lead the production phase, which will be executed by Kership.

Six ships will be delivered to the Belgian navy and six to the Dutch navy with a first delivery scheduled for 2024. They will be equipped with a complete drones system containing a total of more than a hundred underwater, surface and aerial drones entirely dedicated to mine hunting.

Last June, BNR has successfully passed the « systems functional review ». The supplier of deck equipment has now been selected.

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