FS Fulmar Returns from Canadian Arctic Exercise

August 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – Customary in cold waters, the Fulmar regularly deploys in the Far North, in cooperation with the allied navies of the region: the Danes in Greenland and the Canadians in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This year, the Fulmar sailed along the coast of Greenland to 70 ° N to harden its newly embarked sailors. The objective was to develop their skills in sea rescue in the polar zone and to accustom them to the specificities of navigation in glacial zones, through exercises and international cooperation.

The opportunity was taken advantage of to interact with the Royal Danish Navy frigates on Arctic patrol (HDMS Rasmussen and HDMS Triton ).

The patrol boat Fulmar was also integrated for a few days into Task Group 301 (TG301), under Canadian command. On this occasion, he was able to participate in the Canadian exercise ” Nanook ” ( Polar Bear in the Inuktituk language) intended to project allied sovereignty forces into the vast area of ​​Labrador and the Baffin Sea, including the passage of the North West. This gathering brings together Canada, the United States, Denmark, and since 2020, France. The positioning of the Fulmarin Saint Pierre and Miquelon, at the gateway to the Canadian Far North, and two days’ navigation from the main Canadian naval base (Halifax), is obviously a factor that facilitates cooperation between the National Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy. The TG301, composed of 7 buildings (HCMS Ville de Québec , HCMS Glace Bay , HCMS Asterix , USS Thomas Hudner , USCG Tahoma , HDMS Triton and the patrol vessel Fulmar) has conducted numerous asymmetric wrestling and training navigation exercises. In particular, the French and Danish sailors were able to realistically test the defenses of the carrier strike group by simulating, just before their integration, two hostile intruders.

This training within a NATO force turned out to be very enriching for the building accustomed to working in complete autonomy! After nearly 3 weeks of patrol in the Labrador Sea and the Baffin Sea, the patrol vessel Fulmar is now back at its base port, Saint Pierre, in the archipelago of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

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