Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Squadron visits San Giusto Bound for Beirut

August 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – On board of Nave San Giusto a pouring rain welcomed the Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Squad , Admiral Paolo Treu, at the Garibaldi quay of the Military Arsenal in Brindisi in the early afternoon of 18 August , followed by a gash in the clouds that allowed the holding of the assembly on the flight deck, to wish “good wind” to all the women and men embarked on the San Giusto ship leaving for Beirut .

In bringing the greeting of the Chief of Staff on behalf of the entire Navy, Admiral Treu underlined the gravity of the situation in Lebanon following the explosion of 4 August, “a date marked with the red of over 150 dead and 5,000 injured , in a drama that involved 300,000 displaced persons ”. ”

Faced with such tragedies, a people feels profoundly defeated, but the desire to react and rebuild must take over, to look to the future with head held high and with optimism, and in this we want to help the friendly people of Lebanon, through effective help. and concrete. ” “The approach with which we must face the Cedri Emergency mission must be the same that animated us on the occasion of two other important interventions in Lebanon, combining excellent professionalism with human qualities of the highest order, expressing the best qualities of the Italian people.”

The reference is to Operation Lebanon 2 of 1982 and to Operation Leonte of 2006, thanks to which it was possible to remove the naval embargo that would allow Lebanon to return to normal. Admiral Treu underlined the inter-force connotation of the operation, highlighting the presence on board the San Giusto of Army personnel for the construction of a field hospital and for the removal of the rubble, concluding his speech to express his admiration for the reactivity with which both Nave San Giusto and Nave Etna are ready to be ready starting from 6 August.

In closing he wanted to recall the importance of D’Annunzio’s motto “I have what I have given”, exhorting the crew to generously offer the warmth of their heart, the ingenuity of their mind and the strength of their arms, ” because we we are not what we selfishly keep for ourselves, but we are what we give to others ”.

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