Russian Pacific Fleet Amphibious Exercise

August 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crews of the large landing ships (BDK) of the Pacific Fleet “Nikolay Vilkov”, “Oslyabya”, “Peresvet”, and “Admiral Nevelskoy”, together with the Pacific Fleet marines, conducted an exercise in Vladivostok on loading military equipment and personnel onto the BDK from the unequipped coastal area way on emphasis.

The loading of the marines was carried out in the Desantnaya Bay of the Ussuri Gulf. The BDK, one by one approaching the shore, took on board BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, Grad multiple launch rocket systems, self-propelled artillery units and personnel.

At the loading point, interaction with the Military Automobile Inspectorate, hydrographic crews, ensuring the safety of ships approaching the shore, has been worked out. Anti-sabotage support, communications organization, and air defense in the area of ​​training activities were improved.

In addition to the BDK, three sea tugs, about 60 units of military and special equipment and about 300 servicemen were involved in the exercise.

The amphibious assault group of the Primorskaya Flotilla will further operate according to the plans of a set of exercises with a grouping of forces in the far sea zone.

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