Taiwan Denies “Insufficient Armaments”

August 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to the media quoting the content of foreign publications, alleging that “Taiwan is facing a problem of insufficient armaments,” Section B, the Ministry of National Defense stated today (21) that the content of the report is completely inconsistent with the facts. The explanation is as follows:

1. There are relevant regulations for the procurement of parts and accessories of the national army, which can be applied for in accordance with the reinsurance procedure or obtained through multiple channels such as hypermarkets. The Ministry has repeatedly announced and requested that the private purchase of materials by officers and soldiers is strictly prohibited.

2. The goodness rate of the main weapons and equipment of the national army, such as armored vehicles, is currently up to the ministry-approved, and has been verified by various combat exercises. There is no shortage of parts or poor quality. The personnel will be up to the end of the year. The recruitment target is 90%, and there is no shortage of personnel. Recently, the Chinese military planes and ships frequently interfered with Taiwan’s provocations, and even crossed the center line. The national army was able to quickly intercept and drive away. The so-called “heroes in air combat, half of the ground support” report has seriously violated the facts.

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