FS Ventose PASSEX with USCG Heriberto Hernandez

February 28, 2020 (Google Translation) – On January 29, 2020, on a mission off the Caribbean arc, the French surveillance frigate (FS) Ventôse , participated in a joint exercise called a PASSEX with the USCG Heriberto Hernandez as well as a Dolphin , guard building American coasts.

During the exercise, while the Panther’s Ventose was conducting hoists exercises on the beach front of the building Hernandez , the Dolphin realized, meanwhile, two hoists then ten landings on helicopter platform Ventose. At the end, a debriefing was held on the Puerto Rican base of Borinquen.

This complex training with the American coast guard took place in complete safety and showed a remarkable implication of each one during its planning and its execution. It demonstrates the excellent interoperability between the French and American Marines as well as the good cooperation between our two nations.

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