Finnish Navy fired the first torpedo from a Hamina-class missile boat

August 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Navy fired on Wednesday, August 19th. the first torpedo shooting with a TP45 torpedo in the Archipelago Sea borrowed from the Swedish Defense Materials Agency (FMV, Försvarets Materialverk).

The shooting was carried out by the missile boat Tornio. This is the first time a torpedo has been launched from a Hamina-class missile boat and the first time in the decades that the Navy has used torpedo armament.

– The shooting verified the performance of the TP45 torpedo system as part of a major overhaul of Hamina-class missile boats. The armament now tested will significantly improve the Navy’s submarine combat capability and will evolve further with the introduction of the new TP47 in a few years’ time, says Navy Commander, Rear Admiral Jori Harju .

– Ability to act below the surface is an essential part of modern naval operations, and with the completion of this project, the Navy’s impact capability will extend into the air, above the surface and below the surface, Harju adds.

The modern torpedo system is suitable for the Baltic Sea

The Navy has ordered supplies from Saab for torpedoes and the related combat system for Hamina-class missile boats and future Ostrobothnia-class corvettes. The successor to the TP45 system now in use, the Saab Lightweight Torpedo (TP47) will be installed in those vessel categories.

The TP47 is a lightweight Torpedo specifically designed for coastal submarine control. The torpedo is also effective in deep waters and against surface vessels. Due to its versatile properties, it is excellently suited to the maritime operating environment of the Baltic and Finnish coasts and represents the most modern technology in its field in underwater warfare.

The TP47 torpedo system will be put into service in 2023 and until then the TP45 system will be in use. The Torpedo project is a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of material and educational co-operation between Finland and Sweden.

Traficom and the Border Guard supported the torpedo shooting exercise by isolating the area for waterborne shootings.

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