The Beagle Channel with the presence of naval units

August 17, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crews of the ARA “Indómita” speedboat and the ARA “Bahía Agradable” warning carried out maneuvers and were trained in techniques and tactics in the Beagle Channel. Likewise, both carried out the transfer of material and personnel from the Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Posts.

The units belonging to the Fast Boat Group and the Maritime Patrol Division –which remained as a station ship in Ushuaia–, respectively, carried out different naval operations.

The ARA “Indómita” boat set sail from the “Comodoro de Marina Augusto Lasserre” dock of the Ushuaia Naval Base to the Punta Remolino area, transporting personnel from Marine Infantry Battalion No. 4 on board. Then it continued its defeat towards the Guaraní Pass, where the recognition of the area with smaller boats was made effective.

The presence of the ARA “Pleasant Bay” notice allowed different types of exercises and maneuvers to be carried out –such as passage to speech and man overboard–, among others.

Likewise, the personnel of the Marine Infantry Battalion No. 4 deployed on the ground carried out amphibious exercises.

The coordinated work of the Fast Boat Group and the No. 4 Marine Infantry Battalion provides the Austral Naval Area with the capacity for deployment and rapid action if necessary in tasks of a different nature, whether operational or in support of the community.

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