Navy Divers Recover Bomb on Salinas de Roquetas de Mar Beach

August 11, 2020 (Google Translation) – A Special Explosives Deactivation Group (GEDE) of the Navy’s Countermines Measures Divers Unit (UBMCM), a specialist in explosives deactivation, has recovered an anti-sonar bomber this morning in the vicinity of the Las Salinas beach in Roquetas de Mar.

It was found on August 9, by a sport diver, near the shore of the beach (8 meters) in a 1.5 meter probe. The Civil Guard activated the regulatory protocol for this type of situation, proceeding to notify the Navy Operations and Maritime Action Surveillance Center (COVAM) in Cartagena.

The Admiral of Maritime Action (ALMART), through the COVAM, ordered to detach a team of explosives deactivators from the UBMCM who proceeded to search for the device in the indicated place, for a later recovery, once secured, eliminating the danger of the artifact and minimizing environmental impact.

During the operation, both the Civil Guard and members of the 112 Emergency Service collaborated. photo

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