Tambre Returns from SNMCMG2

August 10, 2020 (Google Translation) – The mine hunter “Tambre” (M-33) has returned to its base in the Military Arsenal of Cartagena, from which it set sail on June 6, concluding a deployment in which it has been integrated into the permanent naval group of measures against mines No. 2 of NATO (SNMCMG-2) together with minehunters from the Italian, Turkish and Romanian Navies, in addition to the Greek command ship HS “Aliakmon”. It has also contributed to Operation Sea Guardian surveillance in the Mediterranean.

It has sailed more than 5,500 nautical miles since leaving Cartagena, in the Mediterranean and in the Black Sea. During the deployment, it has participated in the international exercises ARIADNE-20, organized by the Greek Navy in the Gulf of Patras and in the advanced BREEZE-20 maneuvers of the Bulgarian Navy, where it coincided with the Spanish frigate “Álvaro de Bazán” (F- 101), current command ship of the (SNMG-2).

Since joining the NATO Permanent Group, the ship has visited the ports of Salamina, Patras (Greece), Canakkale, Samsun (Turkey), Burgas (Bulgaria) and Catania (Italy).

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