Aconit Returns from Operation CHAMMAL

August 6, 2020 (Google Translation) – On April 17, the type frigate La Fayette (FLF) Aconit left Toulon for a deployment in the central and eastern Mediterranean.

Customary to the area, the Aconite embarked for the occasion a detachment of the 36F flotilla and its Panther helicopter . The crew was mainly engaged in direct support of Operation CHAMMAL in the fight against terrorism in the Eastern Mediterranean. Participating with the help of its various sensors in the autonomous assessment of France’s situation, it also contributed to maintaining the cooperation and interoperability of the French Navy with partners in the region by conducting exercises, including a rescue exercise at sea off Cyprus with Italy, Greece and the Republic of Cyprus.

The many operational successes have been recognized by the staffs for which the Aconite has worked tirelessly. The commander of the Mediterranean maritime zone, as operational controller, therefore decided to award a testimony of collective satisfaction to the benefit of the crew of the FLF Aconit , underlining “its commitment, its determination and its unwavering combativeness”.

Accomplished during the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission was marked by the respect of particularly strict health requirements: thus, no contact with the outside was possible during the releases at the dock, the sailors remaining confined to edge or in a demarcated area of ​​the port. Fortunately, the adaptation to the circumstances, which is part of the “sailor’s DNA”, did not fail, allowing the crew to maintain morale and excellent state of mind until the last day of deployment.

Relieved by her sistership the FLF La Fayette , the Aconit returned to its base port on August 5 after a mission of nearly four months.

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