Exercises begin on passage to Hawaii

August 6, 2020 – The Royal Australian Navy has begun multilateral exercises with warships from Singapore, Brunei and the United States, while sailing to Hawaii to participate in Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2020.

HMA Ships Stuart and Sirius are exercising with RSS Supreme of the Republic of Singapore Navy, KDB Darulehsan of the Royal Brunei Navy, and USS Rafael Peralta of the US Navy.

Commander of the maritime task group in charge of the Australian ships, Commodore Michael Harris, said the exercises would enhance interoperability, and prepare participants for RIMPAC.

“RAN’s relationships with Brunei, Singapore and the United States are defined through strong personal and professional connections that are built from the ground up,” Commodore Harris said.

“To work with each other is to understand each other, not just professionally but also culturally and personally.

“The exercise reflects Australia’s commitment to working with our neighbours, and the region.”

The activity is part of a regional deployment to conduct exercises within Southeast Asia and Hawaii, demonstrating Australia’s enduring commitment to the Indo-Pacific.

The five warships will conduct replenishments at sea, maritime manoeuvres, flying operations with their embarked helicopters, and communications exercises.

Commanding Officer Rafael Peralta Commander Chad Trubilla said the exercises were also about building relationships between participating nations.

“Multilateral training opportunities such as this, and the larger Exercise Rim of the Pacific exercise strengthen partnerships, and improve regional security by overcoming challenges together,” Commander Trubilla said.

“But most importantly, the officers and crews on board all five ships will build confidence and lasting relationships as we take the field as teammates.”

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