Passing of Control Between Frigates in Bergen

February 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – As it begins the second half of its long-term deployment, FREMM Normandy has found in Bergen (Norway), the anti-submarine frigate (FASM) La Motte-Picquet also deployed on a mission.

Berthed as a couple and for the first time in the history of FREMM and FASM, the two frigates joined the Norwegian port as part of exercise TG20.1 involving the maritime force SNMG1 and other Norwegian, Danish, German and Dutch units. This exercise, carried out in the Norwegian Sea and in the fjords of the coast, is mainly turned towards the anti-submarine fight, field of predilection of the two French frigates. If there is certainly a real generational leap between these two units, the sailors who serve on their banks are all animated by the same combative state of mind stemming from true French expertise recognized in the field of wrestling under the sea.

Although more accustomed to the fight under the sea by deep sea, FASM and FREMM were able to draw an important experience in the tight environment of the fjords, optimizing day after day the use of their means (sonar, Caiman and Lynx helicopters ) in within an imposing maritime force: 8 surface units, Norwegian P3C maritime patrol aircraft, Norwegian NH90 helicopters and three diesel submarines (German, Dutch and Norwegian).

The 33F detachment from Normandy and its Caiman Marine carried out exchanges with the Norwegian frigate HMNS Thor Heyerdahl which, like the 3 other Norwegian frigates of the same type, is preparing to soon receive NH90 detachments on board and on a long-term basis. of the Norwegian Air Force.

When the exercises were over, each unit resumed its patrol. The La Motte-Picquet further north for the continuation of its knowledge and anticipation mission and Normandy to the British Isles to continue the verification of its military capabilities under the guidance of the Standing Committee on Programs and Tests (CPPE).

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