FS Floreal Fishery Patrol Near Glorious Archipeligo

February 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – On February 21, 2020, continuing its surveillance mission in the southern Indian Ocean zone (FAZSOI), the surveillance frigate (FS) Floréal intercepted a fishing vessel without flag in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the Glorious Islands , near the Leven bench.

Detected by the Panther on- board helicopter , the ten-meter-long ship was intercepted after being guided by the Floréal’s fast operational drome boat . The ship’s inspection team was thus able to observe several infractions. Indeed, a large quantity of diving equipment and 300 kilos of sea cucumbers, whose fishing is prohibited, were found on board.

This area is under the jurisdiction of French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF), fishing is regulated there. Thus, in accordance with the legislation, the product of this illegal fishing was released into the sea and the fishing gear apprehended. Following the investigations, the ship and its occupants were able to resume their journey to Madagascar.

The territorial waters of the Scattered Islands, dependent on the TAAF district, are particularly rich in their biodiversity and their fishery resources. This interception demonstrates the interest of the surveillance actions carried out by the FAZSOI in an isolated region and prey to illegal fishing.

Having set sail from Maputo more than two weeks ago, FS Floréal continues to pursue its mission which will take it to Madagascar in the coming days, before returning to its base port in La Réunion in early March.

The 1,700 soldiers deployed at FAZSOI guarantee the protection of the national territory and animate regional cooperation from Reunion and Mayotte. The FAZSOI constitute the main fulcrum of the theater “Indian Ocean” to fight against new threats like piracy or illegal immigration, to ensure the surveillance of the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) associated with all the islands of the zone of responsibility and maintain a regional rapid intervention capacity.

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