Vympel Shipyard Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Vympel Shipyard is 90 years old. The starting point in the history of the enterprise was July 11, 1930, when the chairman of the board of the State All-Union Association of River Shipbuilding and deputy chairman of the Rybinsk District Executive Committee signed a decree on the allocation of a plot of land in Rybinsk for the construction of a shipyard for motor river shipbuilding. The plant has come a long way from a semi-handicraft enterprise to one of the leaders in the shipbuilding industry, whose products are known both in our country and abroad.

On the day of the anniversary, a memorial alley dedicated to the 90th anniversary was planted on the territory of the plant. The ceremony was attended by heads of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies and Vympel Shipyard, workers and veterans of the enterprise, and members of the Youth Council.

Vadim Pavlovich Sobko, managing director of Vympel, opening the holiday, addressed the company’s employees: “In the country, units of shipbuilding enterprises have such a long and rich history as the Vympel plant. We have achieved serious results. Among our customers, the main, largest shipowners: the Ministry of Defense, the Department of Coast Guard of the FSB of Russia. The future of the enterprise depends on our work with you. I believe that the Vympel team can cope with any, even the most difficult tasks. ”

General Director of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies Dmitry Tarasov, congratulating the factory workers, said: “From the point of view of a person, 90 years is the age of absolute wisdom. From the point of view of the enterprise, this is proof that the products of the plant are in demand. Over the course of 90 years, Pennant went through a lot: through the difficult years of World War II, the devastation of the 90s, through the decline of the State Defense Order, but the plant survived. Thanks to the efforts of employees, Vympel is developing, overcoming difficulties and invariably pleasing customers with high-quality, modern products. I want you to feel a special pride in yourself, your enterprise. ”

Another memorable event was the laying of the time capsule, a kind of bridge that connects the 2020th year with the 2030th, when the factory workers will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Vympel. The wishes of the factory workers, youth to the shipbuilders of the future were sealed in a capsule.

At the solemn part of the holiday, the employees of the enterprise were congratulated by the heads of Rosoboronexport JSC, the Government of the Yaroslavl Region, the head of Rybinsk, deputies of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma and the Municipal Council. 67 employees of Vympel received certificates of appreciation and gratitude for their diligent work and successes achieved in their professional activities.

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