Alliance in the Arctic Ocean for High North20

July 9, 2020 (Google Translation) – Yesterday afternoon, July 8, 2020, Alliance ship, the Navy’s multi-purpose hydro-oceanographic research unit left the Norwegian port of Tromsø, after a brief technical stop, to head towards the scientific research areas of the High North campaign20 , in east of the Strait of Fram and north of the Svalbard Islands.

After leaving Italy on 22 June, the ship, under the command of the frigate captain Andrea Crucitti, after following a strict health protocol, sailed for 16 days crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, the English Channel and the Arctic Circle at 66 ° 33 ‘N., to then reach Tromsø, the northernmost port of the Scandinavian peninsula and one of the most important cities in the world for Arctic studies and links with the North Pole.

In the coming days, from 10 to 27 of July, the Alliance ship and the scientific team embarked by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, led by Professor Ivaldi and the commander Demarte, will be the protagonists of the marine geophysics campaign High North20 .

The arrival in the area will mark the beginning of the new three-year research period in the Navy with the High North 2020-2022 program , which will enrich the experience gained in the previous three-year period and which will take place in conjunction with the opening of the United Nations decade dedicated to the oceans for sustainable development ( UN Decade of Ocean Science for Environment Sustainability ).

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