New Book Details Kursk Disaster and Vladimir Putin

July 7, 2020 – An important non-fiction military history and geopolitical book, W. Craig Reed’s SPIES OF THE DEEP (Permuted Press; July 14, 2020; Hardcover; $28.00) is a scalding indictment that shatters the lies told by Russian and U.S. officials in August 2000 a few months after Vladimir Putin came to power. It cuts through the suspicious circumstances surrounding the violent explosion that sent the Russian submarine Kursk to the bottom of the Barents Sea. The Russians claimed an outdated torpedo caused the incident and refused help from the West while twenty-three survivors died before they could be rescued.

Reed uncovers scandal, fraud, avarice, and vast lies in the highest seats of power, including evidence of a secret deal between Putin and U.S. President Bill Clinton to avert a nuclear war. This book reveals how Putin, a former KGB officer whose father was a submariner, was catapulted to power by a secret Kursk submarine mission. The following year, only months into his presidency, Putin leveraged the Kursk incident to wrest control from oligarchs and gain dominance over lucrative Arctic resources and sea routes.

Reed divulges heretofore secret information about an espionage mission he conducted aboard a U.S. submarine during the Cold War, and details about a serious collision his sub had with a Soviet submarine deep inside a Russian harbor. Reed and his shipmates barely avoided catastrophe while dodging depth charges and torpedoes during a three-day ordeal. Reed uses this experience and his inside knowledge to reveal how a single historical event—the demise of a Russian submarine twenty years ago—created a domino effect that now pits NATO countries against Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. New weapons, technologies, and submarines have emerged from the ashes of the Kursk disaster and now threaten sea lanes that are vital to global economies.

Reed is the New York Times bestselling author of the award-winning RED NOVEMBER and a decorated U.S. Navy diver and submariner. Reed served with an officer who later became an admiral in charge of NATO submarine operations and is often featured as a go-to naval military expert on TV, radio, and in print.