Defense Investigates Submarine Service Culture

July 8, 2020 (Google Translation) – Within the Submarine Service, the Central Defense Integrity Organization (COID) examines the culture that prevails there. This could have a negative impact on a socially safe working and living environment. For a number of young soldiers who wanted to work at the Submarine Service at the beginning of this year, it was probably also the reason to work elsewhere in the navy.

Not only was this reason for the navy to start an investigation in February. In the past 2 years, there were a total of 4 official reports of undesirable behavior from colleagues of the Submarine Service. In 2 cases this led to a report to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. One case will go to trial next week. The Navy has suspended 3 soldiers in this case. The last declaration was made last Friday. A soldier has also been suspended in this case.

As for Commander of the Naval Forces Vice-Admiral Rob Kramer, everyone in the Navy should be able to count on a safe working and living environment. “An environment in which we treat each other with respect and in which we hold each other accountable for unacceptable behavior. We received signals from the Submarine Service of undesirable behavior. I take that very seriously and so we take steps. At the same time, I am happy that people report situations like this. That is important, because then we can do something about it. ”

Due to the corona measures, it has proved difficult for COID to conduct personal interviews in recent months. The investigation is therefore somewhat delayed. It is expected to become more clear about the findings after the summer. In the meantime, discussions are under way within the Submarine Service about how to deal with each other. Colleagues are encouraged to hold each other accountable for undesirable behavior and to report this if it occurs.

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