French Navy Rafales Train With Allies

February 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – In parallel with the air operations carried out by the carrier strike group as part of its participation in the Chammal operation to combat terrorism, Marine Rafales of the on-board air group trained with regional and allied partners.

Thus, the first of these training sessions took place on February 16, 2020 with Rafales from the Egyptian Air Force. In a two-on-two scenario, the aircraft thus fictitiously clashed by alternating missions of “DCA” ( Defensive Counter Attack – Position of defense of an area and management of the threat) and “OCA” ( Offensive Counter Attack – Offensive mission to recover an area). More than 100 nautical miles (around 200 kilometers) from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle , the two Rafale navies were thus responsible for defending an area against the attack attempts by the two Egyptian Rafales , before exchanging roles in the aftermath. -midday. AE2-C Hawkeye of the Egyptian Air Force also participated in the exercise, as well as anadditional Marine Rafale tasked with refueling the aircraft.

In addition to strengthening cooperation with our allies and partners in the region, these tactical trainings make it possible to harmonize technical transmission procedures and help improve our mutual knowledge, both in the capability and tactical fields. Coordination between the Marine Rafale of the airborne group and the aircraft of other nations is thus reinforced and allows training to apply the various procedures in complete safety. A concrete way to increase our level of interoperability in air combat.

This ability to operate and train with Allied armies and partners in the region demonstrates the true unifying role of the carrier strike group formed around the aircraft carrier and its airborne group. In pursuit of this approach of cooperation and mutual knowledge, the Rafale Marines were able to conduct similar exercises on February 18 with two British Eurofighter Typhoons . The day before, ten Rafale marine catapulted from the aircraft carrier conducted a mutual air defense training with the Republic of Cyprus, thus training the pilots to operate in a constrained environment.

Also in the area of ​​cooperation, a Greek frigate, the HNS Psara , joined the carrier strike group on February 18. For ten days, she will continue the action undertaken by the frigate Spetsai who accompanied the GAN since her departure and until January 28 last. By integrating the GAN, the HNS Psara completes the latter’s defense capabilities and thus contributes to deepening Franco-Hellenic interoperability. The frigate will transit with the GAN from the eastern Mediterranean to the western Mediterranean before the passage to the Atlantic of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and his escort, the opportunity to carry out a major air defense exercise with Greek air assets.

The carrier strike group is currently deployed in the eastern Mediterranean, in a deployment called Foch, carried out as part of the participation of the French Navy in Operation Chammal, the French component of the Inherent Resolve operation to combat Daesh. Since the first flights operated on the theater last January 29, the GAN and its on-board air group maintain daily national knowledge of the area and contribute to the French capacity for autonomous situation assessment.

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