ITS Carlo Margottini Takes Part in GABIAN 2020

June 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – The frigate Carlo Margottini, has completed an intense period of training activity that has also seen her engaged abroad in the GABIAN 2020 exercise organized by the French Marine Nationale .

The activity, which began with the support of the personnel of the Aeronaval Training Center of Taranto (MARICENTADD), was aimed at maintaining operational capabilities for the defense of national interests and training to operate in complete safety, as objectives to always be ensured, even during a medical emergency.

The Gabian exercise took place in the Gulf of Lion and was mainly directed towards the anti-submarine fight. Nave Margottini, a Multi Mission European Frigate (FREMM) in the ASW – Anti Submerine Warfare version, joined the French naval group consisting of the Ducuing and Provence ships, the latter being the French version of the same Italian-French project and therefore Margottini’s sister . Below the surface of the sea, invisible to the eye but not to the modern sonar of naval units, two nuclear submarines of the Marine Nationale simulated the deployment of enemy forces for the entire duration of the exercise.

Training at sea also allowed to develop an internal program of exercises with increasing difficulty which, with the simulation of an environment characterized by the presence of multiple threats, allowed to evaluate and refine the operational readiness of the frigate and its crew.

Before returning to La Spezia, Margottini ship finally reached the Grecale frigate, to participate in a training of the Department of the First Naval Division.

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