Official ceremony for the new marine helicopter “Sea Lion”

(Google Translation) – The official ceremony for the takeover of the new NH90 NTH “Sea Lion” marine helicopter will take place on Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 1 p.m. Formal commissioning and the start of flight operations took place at the beginning of the month.

The NH90 will replace the Mk41 “Sea King”. He has been in the service of the German Navy for almost 50 years now and is to be successively retired by 2023. By 2022, all 18 “Sea Lion” should be delivered by Airbus Helicopters. Your home base will be Naval Aviation Squadron 5 in Nordholz.

“The takeover of the ‘Sea Lion’ heralds the future of naval aviation in the helicopter sector. After the appropriate infrastructure had been created in recent years, we are now getting the missing piece of the mosaic in terms of powerful and modern framework conditions. The NH90 NTH offers a wide range of applications and attractive workplaces – for both flying and technical personnel. Therefore, our women and men are highly motivated to actively help shape the ‘generation change’ in order to ensure that the order is fulfilled successfully in the future, “said the commodore of Naval Aviation Squadron 5, frigate captain Jan Richard Keller ( 47).

The helicopter is mainly used for search and rescue missions (SAR) and for the transport of personnel and materials. The NH90 NTH “Sea Lion” can accommodate up to 20 people; for SAR flights he has a rescue winch and special medical equipment. The “Sea Lion” is also ideal for the use of boarding soldiers or special forces. If the helicopter enters a risk zone, it can be armed with heavy machine guns. To protect himself in such situations, he can throw decoys. As an on-board helicopter, it can be embarked on the task force supplies of the Berlin class, but can also land on all other naval ships with a flight deck.

“This step is far more than ‘just’ the introduction of a new helicopter. We have broken new ground for the operation, training and creation of infrastructure. With the ‘Sea Lion’ we succeed in changing generations to a modern weapon system that It offers prospects for military and civilian personnel, will become the workhorse of the fleet and offers entry into modern naval warfare, including the integration of unmanned systems, “said the naval commander, sea captain Thorsten Bobzin (54).

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