Mission Jeanne d’Arc Returns to Toulon

July 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – Leaving Toulon on February 26, 2020, the Jeanne d’Arc group, composed of the amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) Mistral and the La Fayette-type frigate (FLF) Guépratte , returned to its base port on Wednesday July 1 after more than 4 months of operational deployment.

The Joan of Arc mission comes to conclude the training cycle for student officers from the Naval Officers’ Application School (EAOM), by carrying out a first deployment to the sea, far, long and with crew.

The participation of the Jeanne d’Arc group in Operation Resilience in the South Indian Ocean, marks the operational nature of this annual deployment and underlines the capacities of our armies to reconfigure themselves. In fact, following the announcement by the President of the Republic on March 25, 2020, of the launch of Operation Resilience, the more than 500 soldiers on board saw their program evolve. The Mistral , the Guépratte and the on-board units (2 Gazelle helicopters from the 3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment, 1 Italian MH90 helicopter, 1 Alouette III helicopter from the 22 S and an amphibious flotilla detachment reinforced by the 6th Engineer Regiment) have joined the southern Indian Ocean to support the islands of Mayotte and Reunion.

In addition to this marked involvement in Operation Resilience, the Jeanne d’Arc group took part in other operations by joining Task Force 150, a multinational operation to combat illicit trafficking in the Arabian Sea and in the Gulf Aden, and participating in the European operation Atalanta to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia. Interoperability and regional cooperation also, despite the health context, punctuated this deployment: naval and amphibious maneuvers with the Egyptian Navy, exercises at sea and on land, in particular with the French Forces in Djibouti, exercise Addestramento di Reparto with the Italian Navy in the Gulf of Taranto.

The 138 student officers of the 2020 promotion of the Naval School achieved their objective through this mission with varied activities which will have enabled, by concretizing the theoretical achievements of the first years of their training, to train future executives of the French Navy .

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