French Naval Aviators Win US Award

June 26, 2020 (Google Translation) – This Wednesday, June 24, in Toulon, where the Center of Maritime Operations (COM) in the Mediterranean and the Command of the Carrier Strike Group are based, the award of the prize for excellence in anti-submarine warfare was delivered by the commander. of the 6th American fleet. Each year, the 6th fleet rewards its most efficient units in the field of anti-submarine warfare. This year, French units have had the honor and pride of receiving this excellence award from the Americans.

If the contacts between the French and American navies are daily, this event had an exceptional aspect. He saw the sailors of the Maritime Operations Center in the Mediterranean (CTF470 according to the NATO nomenclature), the General Staff of the Carrier Strike Group (CTF473) and multi-mission frigates Bretagne and Auvergne receive the “Hook’em Award”. Presented by Admiral Lisa Franchetti, Commander of the 6th American Fleet based in Naples, this prize aims to reward excellence in the fight under the sea of ​​several units of the French Navy represented by the VAE Isnard, commanding the Mediterranean maritime area , Rear Admiral Aussedat, Commander TF473, Captain (CV) Bossu, Commander Auvergne and CV Fihec, Commander Bretagne. These two multi-mission frigates (FREMM),

We have to go back to 1991 to find the last award of this prize to a French unit. It was then the Atlantic 21F flotilla, located on what was then the naval aeronautical base of Nîmes-Garons.

Equipped with ultra-efficient sensors and particularly effective information processing, analysis and intervention capacities, in particular to combat the underwater threat, the FREMMs and their Caïman marine on-board helicopter constitute cutting-edge tools for hand of operational staffs. They know they can rely on these capacities to carry out the very broad spectrum of operations that can be entrusted to them.

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